Carolina Forest looks closer at road improvement options

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The Carolina Forest Civic Association has started a discussion on if the area should consider incorporation or a special-pupose tax district to accelerate road improvement projects.

The Carolina Forest area population has quintupled in the past 10 years. At that rate, it will eclipse the City of Myrtle Beach by 2012. The problem? The roads have basically stayed the same. The County has approved road widening and extension projects for the area, but funding keeps them on the back burner.

The Civic Association has begun to explore options for additional funding. The Sun News talks with Civic Association board members about what those options might be. Read it here.

For the sake of disclosure, I am a Carolina Forest resident and an active member of the Carolina Forest Civic Association. Roads have to be my biggest frustration with the area. In fact, in the 18 months of being a Carolina Forest resident, I have consistently seen more near miss car crashes than any other period of my adult driving life. This along with no provisions for pedestrian traffic and the nearly predatory practices of the SC Highway Patrol, making driving an adventure in Carolina Forest.

The only organized representation of the Carolina Forest residents and business owners is the Carolina Forest Civic Association

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