Charleston adapts to avoid ticketing parked cars that have moved

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In much of downtown Charleston there is "residential parking." Folks that live there can park all day, but visitors only get an hour or two. Park too long and you'll come back to a nasty $40+ ticket. 

Well, one day Thomas C. Campbell III parked downtown, left, came back, and back again. Both times he was in and out before an hour had passed, but he still got a ticket.

The system had been set to track if the car was still in the residential district, and Campbell got a ticket as the city tries to stop folks from "gaming the system."

Well The Post and Courier reports that the system has now been altered to avoid such false positives. Go take a read to see what's up.

Of course, now it looks like it will be easy to game the system.

Nothing's ever perfect. 

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