Charleston program a model in national security

In Charleston resides the national model program, Project SeaHawk. It's high-tech, but it's also a model for how different agencies can come together to work on national safety. In this case, it's for the Port of Charleston.

The Post and Courier did some reporting and photo-shooting to give a closer look at the program. Here's an excerpt:
Rows of seats face a panel of flat screens in the operations center. Some show GPS on dispatched SeaHawk vehicles and boats. Others play real-time footage from around the port or key roadways. One shows the portal, an impressive tool itself.

Click on any ship logged in the portal to see the vessel history and its potential threat, where its crew is from and how each SeaHawk-affiliated agency will check it out as it traverses local waters.

The paper continues on the topic of the projects high-tech nature, but how the agency can pull together resources from a multitude of organizations. In a sense, act as a command hub for port-related security.

The programs has been successful, at least in so far as getting the program expanded across the nation.

Go have a look at the photos, then read the story.

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