December 2009 brings more road flooding and closures to Charleston (updated)

Image by Twitter user @Carly_jane You too could experience the gut wrenching feeling of driving through water that can choke your car's engine.

Updates at the bottom.

December 2009 has taught us three important things:

  • Don't drive downtown when the rain is heavy and the tide is high.
  • Don't drive where you can't see the road, and definitely don't drive where the road has waves.
  • Don't you wish you car was a boat?

Though the tide is still coming in (high tide is at 9 p.m.) the rain has largely finished for the night and the roads are once again becoming open, but you should still exercise caution when driving.

As reminders of just how bad today's rainfall was to travel in the Lowcountry, I'll point you to this video and map of road closures at Live 5 News.

If you still need convincing that today was sucky day for travel, The Post and Courier has some more written evidence

Update, December 19:

The rains have gone, but they've left behind some interesting evidence of their existence.

First off The Post and Courier has a nice write-up that points out as much as 4 inches fell in downtown Charleston. The paper also has a few nice shots of the flooding.

Meanwhile, ABC News 4 has a nice video.

What's perhaps most shocking is that is was only two weeks ago that we went through all of this.

But you can breath easier for the next several days, there's little more than a drop in sight.

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