Fifteen minutes of internet fame ends in arrest (Update: Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Update: Don't let the fame get to your head, Jimmy Kimmel along with Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) elbow their way to poking fun at our little town.


 Jump to 1:14 to see the close up of the hit. 

First report: WMBF News has received a little internet love recently when a live broadcast in downtown Myrtle Beach was interrupted by a man grabbing the reporter's mic and shouting the "N" word.

Perhaps he wanted to speak his mind, or maybe he was channel the ghost of Richard Prior. Either way, one young man received his 15 minutes of fame in Myrtle Beach.

On April 18, 2012, WMBF on-scene reporter Ashley Taylor was, ironically, delivering a live report on Myrtle Beach's declining crime stats when a passerby pushed her aside, grabbed the mic and shouted "I'm that n*****!"

After being picked up by Reuters, the live news clip made its rounds online with coverage in many news outlets around the country including MSNBC as well as a featured spot in many viral video websites.

The story continued on April 20, 2012 when the man was identified and charges were filed. Justin Moore, 20, of Charlotte, NC has been arrested and faces charges of third degree battery. Additionally, Ms. Taylor now finds herself as the subject of her own story in WMBF's video update. Full coverage with all the details can be found at the WMBF website here.

Check out the videos below for the original clip and the meta "video in a video" update to the story:

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