First day fun: More students and a squabble over a charter school

With a relatively low 6% absentee rate, Charleston County School District felt like it was a good first day for the districts 39,999 students.

Read more about the first day back over at The Post and Courier.

But The Newsless Courier took exception with the paper's statement about a "tumultuous" past for the charter school Charleston Charter School for Math & Science. The Post and Courier said:
The volunteer group behind the charter school has faced heavy opposition from the community. Many people were concerned that the school would cater to white students and that it would use the former Rivers Middle School campus, which some wanted to use for vocational classes.

To which The Newsless Courier responded:
Excuse me? No, it hasn't. Not unless Dot Scott and the Meyers majority on the CCSD School Board are the "community" of which she speaks.

Perhaps the troubles were overemphasized by The Post and Courier, but there were at least a few issues: Jamie Robinson, the Chair of the Burke High School Improvement Council, wrote in an October letter:
I fear some of the naysayers are hypnotized by the camera lights, reveling in the attention, for they reverberate the same accusations of racism and imbalance ad nauseum.

There are many who support the charter school. And they, like me, you do not see in the local newspaper or on television broadcasting our support.

But, it does seem that much of the troubles did swirl around the Charleston County School District, Robinson continued:
I beg the Charleston County School District to wholeheartedly support our efforts.

Oh, charter schools, hated and loved.

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