Gas prices rise. For no good reason? (Update: Again)

Update 4/4: Prices continue to rise to an average of $3.50 per gallon.

We aren't going to try and be on top of gas prices every day. That's what is for. But it seems worth mentioning that the prices jumped another 6¢ in the past few days. WBTW tells us how that compares to the national average.

First Reported 3/28: Being primarily a "drive to" tourist destination, leaves the Myrtle Beach area particularly sensitive to gas price fluctuations headed into Summer.

As WBTW points out, our area saw a slight increase to the local average this past week. We hit $3.43 per gallon which is nearly a dollar more than last year but still a solid dime and nickel below the national average of $3.56. Gas is usually the textbook example of supply-demand economics. So it's because we're demanding more gas from an ever increasingly dwindling supply, right?

Well, not exactly.

Since crude oil is a publicly traded commodity, the price is more determined by the whim of speculators and traders. Factor in the complication of exchange-traded funds and other market trickery like flash trading, it's almost amazing the price of crude oil and gasoline don't fluctuate more wildly. delves a little deeper into the issue.

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