High sales keeping ammo shelves sparse

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Usually they've bought about 7 billion rounds of ammunition each year, but now American's are consuming 9 billion.

Increased ammo usage by the military is keeping supply limited and fears of government gun control is maintaing demand.

Hop over to The Houston Chronicle for the story.

And The State reports that the shortage is hitting South Carolina, too. ABC News 4 has a bit of local info, too.

Brad Warthen, and expatriate of The State, has posted a bit of interesting reaction to the piece's implications, in part:

But there’s this other thing going on, and it has to do some fairly unpleasant things rattling around in our collective subconscious. Some people have tried to give it a simple name, saying it’s about race. But it’s more complicated than that. Just as scary and ugly perhaps, and entangled somehow with race, but more complicated.  

Read his whole piece over here.

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