Horry County Fire Rescue under scrutiny

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Questions were raised this week after a fire in unincorporated Carolina Forest was first responded to by the Myrtle Beach Fire Department despite the HCFR being closer.

The concern is because the Horry County fire station is centrally located in Carolina Forest were several thousands of residents expect to be protected. HCFR cites lack of volunteers in direct response to this incident. WMBF has more details.

Also this week, Horry County Council has formed and ad hoc committee to respond to a study that was conducted in 2008 to determine the efficiency of Horry County Fire Rescue. It's unclear if this is a response to the Carolina Forest incident or just a coincidence. The Sun News has a write-up you should read.

With the rash of wildfires we've had the past 2 months, it seems a little unfair to pick on the Horry County Fire Rescue teams. Then again, you don't want to feel like you can't rely on emergency services when you really need them. What do you think?


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