Horry County Police emails, questionable use (Update: emails may have far reaching impact)

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Update 7/17: Immigrant rights groups on the attack after Horry County email scandal is brought to light. 

As noted in the first report, minority and immigrant rights groups are none too happy with one of the emails that were brought to WBTW. The particular email involved a first person shooter type game that took aim at Mexicans crossing over the U.S. boarder illegally called Boarder Patrol. The game awards points for how many Mexican you shoot as they run across the boarder. 

This has upset immigrants rights groups across the state so much so that they have called for a repeal of SB20 -the Arizona style immigration bill that was recently passed in South Carolina. For the whole story head on over to SCnow.com.

First Report 7/12: A recent scandal involving Horry County Police officers and their misuse to county email on the tax payers dime has raised questions and concerns with minority advocates. 

Misusing company equipment and time is nothing new, but does it take a different turn when the equipment and time is funded by the tax payer and the misuses include scantily clad photos of women and emailing links to hateful and racist video games? The emails in question are years old and brought to light from a former disgruntaled county employee who has a spotty record himself.

However, the emails are legit email files sent from Horry County servers and were actually determined to be so thanks to the help of TheDigitel co-founder, Paul Reynolds. Hop on over to SCnow.com to read their full write-up. Watch their broadcast on the story below. 

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