Lack of teacher lunch breaks causing morale loss in Charleston schools

Image by Flickr user Ben+Sam

Lunch breaks, that 30 minutes window of quiet and relaxation during the workday is crucial, right? Well, believe it or not, 58 percent of Charleston County teachers in a 1,8000 person survey never get that luxury.

What's more important here is that the survey also found that 88 percent of teachers said having a duty-free lunch would be beneficial to their morale, personal well-being and job performance.

School Superintendent Nancy McGinley agreed that this is a morale issue and told The Post and Courier that she is, "committed to directing principals to come up with a plan to give teachers a duty-free lunch at least once each week."

The article goes on to say how there aren't enough parent volunteers to help out with lunch duty every day of the week, but growing up Maryland, there was a lunchroom staff that doubled as the playground duty staff. Many of these same folks were out morning and afternoon crossing guards as well. Maybe the Charleston County School District, with their new penny tax, could think about shuffling some funds around to save both teachers' morale and solve seismic concerns.

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