Let's get ready to rummmmmble with strips (Update: Bane of cyclists?)

photo by flickr user bhamsandwich

Update June 28th, 2012: In the comments below, it was pointed out that many Charleston-area bicycle enthusasts aren't too happy with the rumble strip effort.

There's no denying that most of our roads aren't pedestrian or bicycle friendly to begin with. Opponents to rumble strips argue that they take the already diminished shoulder area and make it unrideable. You can read more at CharlestonMoves.org.

Bicycle safety is a very real concern in Horry County. Particularly in the summer season when droves of European exchange students use bikes as their main mode of transport. 

First Report: This week the SCDOT will be putting rumble strips, a deliberately bumpy strip of road just beyond the white line designed to alert drivers when they're close to running off it, on various Horry County roadways.

The strips will be installed on Forestbrook Road, Mt. Olive Road, Highway 9 and Joyner Swamp Road.  All have been identified as likely to benefit from this preventive measure.  You can read more about the strips and local residents' reaction in this WMBF story

According to the United States Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration there are four types of rumble strips: milled, rolled, formed, and raised.  We've been seeing more and more of the milled variety on area roads.  While we can't confirm that's what will be part of this most current installation, it's likely.  If you're curious what it's like to drive over them, check out this video

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