Libel lawsuit between Charleston School of Law students results in alleged coverup

Image by Flickr user sixes & sevens The Charleston School of Law Library.

Students accusing each other of cheating is nothing unusual, but when the accusation is at a school of law and the school changes its policies afterwards things can, understandably, turn a lot more serious.

In a nutshell, student Brielle Hunt alleged that friend and student Rachael Hesling was participating in dishonorable conduct while at the Charleston School of Law — a claim that appears to have at first been upheld and later squashed under a policy change by the school.

Where things turn more interesting is in speculation outlaid by South Carolina's favorite political writer Will Folks who writes that the libel case has moved to U.S. District Court and Folks alleges that the school is doing, "everything within its power to cover this scandal up."

Check out Folks' piece here.

As for what's next, we'll all just have to wait in the legal back and forth. 

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