Locals tips and police presence for Bike Week(s)

photo by flickr user Jim Brickett

It's Bike Month and beyond the extra bikes, trikes, and other fun vehicles on the roads, expect to see a greater police presence across the county, clear through Memorial Day.

It's no surprise that with the influx of biking visitors comes a few extra officers to keep the crowd behaving the best they can.  So how can locals deal with the traffic, noise, and extra leather-clad bodies?  Here are a few tips:

  • According to this WMBF report, be on the look out for law enforcement in southern Horry and northern Georgetown counties.  They'll also be on SC 22 and SC 31.  South Carolina's finest will write you a ticket just as quickly as they'll issue one to a visitor.  Just sayin'.
  • Use extra caution on the road.  Some of the bikers I know are among the most cautious and considerate drivers I know.  My experience out and about the Grand Strand during Bike Week also tells me that others are not.  Do yourself a favor and stay extra alert.  It never hurts.
  • The area south of Market Common and north of Brookgreen Gardens tends to be the busiest, so avoid it if possible.  Broadway at the Beach also is also quite crowded during the evenings and weekends.
  • If you're offended by the noise, close your windows.  It'll be over soon.

If you've got more (constructive) pointers, please add them in the comments.  Unless you live in the heart of the Bike Week activities, it's pretty easy to avoid any hassle you may feel by the presence of our cycle-riding visitors. 

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