Memorial Day weekend crime was down despite perception

Photo Courtesy: Me

Days after Memorial Day Bike Fest wrapped up, reports were everywhere about how violent and bad it was. Crime was rampant so it would seem

Initial reports by The Sun News were Myrtle Beach police inundated with crime during 8-hour window, and we're sure they were. More than likely like they are on most summer nights. Living in North Myrtle Beach just 4 miles from Ground Zero I was skeptical to say the least. I'd gone out, and the crowed was heavy, but all seemed very well organized and peacful. My source speaking to the Atlantic Beach police chief Eric C. Lewis stated that this past Bike Fest had been the most peaceful he'd seen in years. Which brings me to this new Sun News story about how there was no rise in crimes during the bike rallies this past May

The citations and calls for service were down from last year during both bike weeks, for Harley Week there were 2,387 less calls for service this year over last. And for Black Bike Week there were 580 less citations issues with 162 less service calls. Hop on over to The Sun News for the full story. 


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