Minimal Facebook privacy settings help reunite lost child with family

photo by flickr user Randy's World (Kinda)

The headlines were all over local media yesterday.  A large family visiting the Grand Strand became separated from their five year-old at Springmaid Pier and it was a combination of Facebook and phone calls that reunited them.

According to this WMBF story, a security guard found the boy wandering on the pier, unattended, and subsequently used Facebook attempting to find out information about the parents in an effort to reunite them with their son.  After calling several resorts in the area, it was determined the family had accommodations and Compass Cove and the boy was returned to this family shortly after. 

What's the lesson learned, folks?  Sometimes having minimal privacy settings activated on your Facebook account and posting regularly about the goings on in your life can pay off.  Sometimes, not so much. recently wrote an article about how to protect your family while still enjoying Facebook.  At the end of the day, it's a judgement call, really.  We're just glad this little one is back with this family.

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