#MYR Start-ups: Kids Can Give Too, a better way to give

Barb Royal had an idea a few years back, thanks to her son receiving too many 'Hulk Hands' for birthday gifts.

A theme for kids' birthday parties these days is having a charitable birthday, where kids come to the party with gifts for those less fortunate or for whatever national or regional disaster has recently hit the country. Those intentions are well and good and you're teaching your child to think of others, but the problem with these parties is the kids don't get anything on their birthday. 

Barb, the co-founder of KidsCanGiveToo.com had a better idea, as a mother of three, she has attended (and thrown) many a birthday party; and during those parties she notices that, "the days of sitting in a circle, opening your gifts and giving a face-to face "thank you" were long gone." Barb goes on to say on her website, "It was much more common to throw your gift in a giant designated gift bin, with no opportunity for eye contact, a reaction, or any appreciation."  

With that, she thought, "What's the message we're sending our kids?" Royal saw a missed opportunity to teach kids the real value in giving and receiving. 

Barb is a native of New Jersey who has lived in the Murrells Inlet area for several years now and is a member of Cowork MYR. Barb, a former teacher, who dedicated a good portion of her life to education knows a thing or two about teaching kids. 

Here's what KidsCanGiveToo.com has to say about their mission:

We make it easy for kids to get the birthday gift of their choice andgive to a charity they want to help at the same time.

We take the waste and frustration out of the whole gift giving process and turn it into an opportunity for charities and schools to receive funds and for kids to pick out what they actually want.

We create custom invitations and along with all of your important party details, we also explain to your guests not to bring a wrapped gift, but instead make a donation to your child's secure online account. Then, after the party, kids Can Give Too splits the collected money. We write a check to the chosen charity or school and we send a Visa Gift card to your kid.

 Just recently launched, Kids Can Give has already received some national press over at BabyCenter.com.  Additionally, MyrtleBeachForFamilies.com ran a feature on Kids Can Give Too, highlighting their efforts to make school fund raising more fun and not as much as a hassle.

  • Check out KidsCanGiveToo.com, 'like' them on Facebook, and don't forget to keep them in mind during your child's next birthday party.  

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