Myrtle Beach fire nears end, expected to smolder for days

Image by South Carolina Forestry CommissionImage by 20090427-fire.jpg The flames may be gone, but the area will be stuck dealing with some 20,000 burned acres and damage upwards of $16 million.

Update April 28: Check out our latest coverage.

First reporting:

Myrtle Beach's now infamous blaze is nearing its end, however small pockets of the blaze are still going and putting some houses at risk.

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But even after the flames are gone, the area (more so North Myrtle Beach, than Myrtle Beach proper) will continue to be affected by large amount of smoke from the smoldering piles, and firefighters will continue to work the scene for days ensuring that flames do no start back up.

The Myrtle Beach Sun News does a good job bring you the latest in this story, while The Post and Courier writes about the cleanup efforts.

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