No fireworks for North Myrtle this 4th?

Flickr user: SRivera

It has apparently just came to the attention of the North Myrtle Beach City Council that they neglected to budget in money for this years 4th of July fireworks display.

Held annually off of the Cherry Grove Pier, the North Myrtle Beach fireworks display is a very popular event not just for the locals but also for the tourists. The North Myrtle Beach display makes for a great spectacle and with our coast line on the Grand Strand, it also makes for one of the least crowded and most widely viewed display.

On lookers can fight the traffic around Cherry Grove to get the best seats, but most choose to line up and down the beaches and look towards the pier -and, of course, lighting off their own little fireworks display while they wait for the big show. 

However, this years annual celebration for our nations birth might be in jeopardy thanks to poor planing and funding. Councilman Hank Thomas chalks the whole thing up to being an "honest mistake" and it very well could be, but will the mistake be corrected in time for Independence Day? Carolina Live has the full story, including video of the council meeting

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