North Charleston considering speed 'cushions' (update: plan moving forward)

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Update August 20:

The use of speed "cushions" received initial approval yesterday during North Charleston's City Council meeting.

However, not all council members are too keen on the idea of dropping $60,000 on 20 of these moveable speed enforcement props - and understandably so.

Hop on over to The Post and Courier for the post.

First reporting:

The city of North Charleston is toying with the idea of laying 20 speed "cushions" on the streets to better assist with traffic control.

What the eff is a speed cushion you ask? They're the rubber, moveable, three-part humps that look like a disjointed version of theirĀ older sibling, the concrete, brick or asphalt speed bump.

Currently, North Charleston has just one lonely speed bump located on Wildflower Way in the Wescott Plantation neighborhood.

No official decisions to purchase the $3,000 units have been made as of yet, but the topic will go up for discussion at the City Council meeting on Thursday.

The Post and Courier has the story.

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