North Myrtle Beach FOIA refusal was costly

Scott Waldron

The City of North Myrtle Beach chose to not comply with The Sun News FOIA request to release the Edge dashcam video. In the end, the court ordered the release of the video and it cost them nearly $50,000 in legal expenses.

This information came our way via the Bobby G. Frederick blog.  The Sun News has a little more information in their write-up. Read it here. If you're unfamiliar with the story, State Representative Tracy Edge's wife, Melissa,  confronted a police officer, Senter,  with whom she had a personal relationship with. Shortly after the incident, the officer was fired and it became known that the officer's dashcam had been recording during the confrontation. After the lawsuit from The Sun News and former North Myrtle Beach public safety director, the judge ordered a release of the video. The video contained explicit details about Edge's relationship with Senter. 

It seems as though the discussion still divides the community. Was North Myrtle Beach trying to protect the family of a state official or covering up a questionable termination of an employee? Was The Sun News making a point about the freedom of information or looking for a juicy story? All of those things? Comment below.


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