Over 100 animals adopted this weekend, but more need homes (update: CAS forced to put down 20 animals)

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Update July 8: On Wednesday and Thursday, Charleston Animal Society was forced to euthanize 20 adoptable animals to make space for more homeless animals.

CAS is usually able to avoid euthanizing healthy animals, and it's been over a year since they've had to do so. However, more animals have arrived at the shelther over the past several weeks than normal, due to the numerous natural disasters in other states and the natural increase in animal births during this season.

If you can adopt or foster a pet, please consider doing so in order to prevent any more adoptable pets from being put down.

Get the whole story as well as details about adoptions over at The Post and Courier's report here.

First reporting: This past weekend was extremely productive for the Charleston Animal Society, as they adoopted out 102 animals.

However, they still need to find loving homes for many more animals by Wednesday, July 6th, to avoid having to euthanize some animals to create space. CAS President Charlie Karesh says that the decision to euthanize will great depend upon how many adoptions take place by Wednesday as well as the number of animals that come in after the Fourth, as many animals are scared and run away from their homes due to the abundance of fireworks.

So, if your home has room for an animal, please consider adopting. Adult cats can currently be adopted free-of-charge, and kittens and dogs can be adopted for $45 each. But keep in mind that these prices are just for a limited time.

All animals at CAS are spayed or neutered, up-to-date on their vaccinations, and microchipped. Additionally, the come with a free health exam by your vet as well as a bag of food. Adopted dogs come with a free scholarship to the six-week bonding program at Canine College.

For more information, check out The Post and Courier's story here, or call (843) 747-4849 or visit charlestonanimalsociety.org.

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