P&C reporter dies after struck by car

One of The Post and Courier's rising stars, Jasiri Whipper, 24, died after his car broke down and was struck by another car on Interstate 95, near Florence around 9:10 a.m.

Jasiri WhipperThe Post and Courier
Jasiri Whipper It's not entirely clear, but it looks like Whipper was in his car when it was struck.

He had hired on to the paper just as I was leaving, I had only met him once.

And, to justify that I'm not just writing about him because he's a journalist, I think anytime someone is struck while their car is broken down on the Interstate is unfortunate enough that it deserves mention.

Whipper is on Facebook, and you can catch a few remarks about his death on Twitter. He is the son of S.C. Rep. J. Seth Whipper.

The Post and Courier is your best bet for more information, Count on 2 are running a story too.

Update December 12, 11:40 a.m.: Dan Conover, over at Xark!, has penned a piece lamenting Whipper's death. In part:
We needed this young man who had so much to offer. We needed his talent and we needed his spirit, and I don't mean us personally, but all of us, collectively. Communities rise and fall on the fortunes of such special people, and it feels deeply unjust to have lost him like this. His life was about to accelerate, to lift off, and Janet and I agreed his career was likely to be spectacular.

It's a very good piece, go take a look.

Update December 13, 08:00 a.m.: The Post & Courier is now running a full story in its Saturday edition.

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