Planned growth in North Myrtle to raise property tax (Update: It's a Go)

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Update 5/18: The proposed sports complex in North Myrtle Beach is moving forward, as is the tax hike. Read the details over at The Sun News.

First Report 5/16: North Myrtle Beach is planning a sports tourism facility in hopes to bring in more national tournaments but also to expand the city of North Myrtle Beach.

In years past, North Myrtle Beach has annexed land around the area, expanding the city and it's residents. The proposed land deal, just across the Intracoastal Waterway near where the  Robert Edge Parkway and S.C. 31 meet would be the second largest anexation -the first being Barefoot Resort. This proposal would raise residents property taxes for 8 years and would spur economic growth.

The city is expanding, which is a good thing for North Myrtle Beach, but is the tax hike the answer? Let's hope this isn't a backdoor into a North Myrtle Beach penny tax. However though the difference, it would seem, is that if there is a Penny Tax in North Myrtle the money would be going towards the city and its residents. 

Head on over to The Sun News for the full write-up on the proposed sports tourism facility and the raising of taxes. Also get all the numbers on how many acres, the cost and which areas have been annexed in the past five years to North Myrtle Beach

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