Rabies scare in Horry County (Update: Another case in Horry County)

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Update 6/2: Second case of a man with rabies here in Horry County in less than a month. Head on over to WMBF News to read all the details.

First Report 5/6: An Horry County man has been given treatment for rabies following an attack by a stray cat. 

The incident occurred outside the mans Forestbrook work place and DHEC is urging all Horry County residents with pets to get their four-legged family members vaccinated for rabies. 85 - 90% of rabies cases involve wild animals, however, even stray domesticated animals -such as cats and dogs -are the greatest threats to humans. 

SCNOW.com has the full story regarding the local man, including some tips on how to better protect yourself from getting rabies

What are the symptoms of rabies?

Early symptoms include irritability, headache, fever and sometimes itching or pain at the site of exposure. Within days, the disease progresses to paralysis, spasms of the throat muscles, convulsions, delirium and death.



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