Road rage at the backgate

photo by flickr user Steve Lokomotiv

Listen.  We all know that the backgate area (intersection of Highway 17, Farrow Parkway, and Highway 707) is nuts.  It's full of construction cones, workers, varying traffic patterns, and most of all, other motorists. But that's no reason to go all NASCAR on those around you.

Take a deep breath.  Acknowledge that driving on the grass, through medians, or attempting to fly through recently red lights will only gain you about two minutes. Should you not take my advice and your frustration with this challenging Grand Strand intersection boils over into some less-than-zen driving maneuvers, a member of South Carolina's finest may just flash pretty blue lights to discuss them with you.

WMBF is reporting that there will be a greater police presence in the area, in both marked and unmarked cars, during the day and night, to target aggressive drivers.  Since the whole area is a construction zone, the fines and penalties will be steep.  Do yourself a favor and either avoid it or dig deep for patience.  If you don't, it could cost you some serious moola, damage to your car in the event of an accident, or much worse - a life. 

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