S.C. to offer amnesty for drivers with license suspensions

Image by Flickr user stevelyon Don't expect the DMV to be this empty if you visit it this week.

Lost your driving privileges and want to reduce your remaining suspension time? Apply for amnesty during Amnesty Week (May 16th-20th).

During Amnesty Week, S.C. drivers that have driving suspensions including in the program will have the chance to reduce or clear the time remaining on their suspension(s). 

To apply for amnesty, you must complete the Amnesty Week Application and submit it to one of the designated DMV offices this week.

What does that mean for the rest of you that need to visit the DMV this week? Longer wait times. Hooray.

To get more information about Amnesty Week as well as details about the requirements for applying for amnesty, visit WCBD-TV 2's report here.

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