Skywarrior bomber calls Patriots Point its new home

Image by Provided The new plane on showcase.

Patriots Point welcomed the newest and largest aircraft to date for the USS Yorktown’s flight deck on July 8th.

The aircraft, a Douglas EA-3B Skywarrior, was first introduced in 1956 and for many years, represented the largest aircraft designed to operate from a carrier. Nicknamed “the whale,” the Skywarrior was instrumental as a strategic bomber in the Vietnam War and as a surveillance plane during the Cold War. Production ceased in 1961 with a total of 282 produced and it was officially retired in 1991.

“The historical and national value of Patriots Point is further reinforced with the addition of one of the largest aircraft to operate on a carrier,” said Patriots Point Executive Director Dick Trammell. “We appreciate the Skywarrior Association funding this exciting new addition.”

To check out the new craft, visit Patriots Point Maritime and Naval Museum located at 40 Patriots Point Road.

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