Some of the world's best minds visiting town for Charleston's Renaissance Weekend

This weekend marks the 30th anniversary of the Charleston-based Renaissance Weekend, a five-day meeting of the minds that runs through New Year's.

The brain power that comes to this event is impressive. The guest list this year includes Physics Nobel laureate Bill Phillips, HIV virus discoverer and biologist Flossie Wong-Stahl and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Charles Savage and Alex Jones to name a few.

Event founder Phil Lader and his wife, Linda, founded the retreat in 1981 to bring together innovative leaders from diverse fields to share and expand upon ideas and challenges facing society and the world today.

According to today's Post and Courier, this year's programs cover topics such as "Restoring the American Dream," "What Christians Don't Understand about Islam," "The Coarsening of American Culture," "Is Estrogen the new Ritalin?" and "Making Sense of the Wine List." The Post and Courier also boasts an extended guest list for your viewing pleasure.


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