South Carolina infrastructure faces looming $30 billion funding gap

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Years ago, our sister site in Charleston wrote about how an insufficient gas tax prevents the S.C. DOT's budget, now Transportation Secretary Robert St. Onge is warning of the deficit. 

Specifically Onge is forecasting a $30 billion shortfall over the next 20 year.

Despite the gloomy report, it seems unlikely that lawmakers will deal with issue any time soon, The Associated Press reports:

Legislative leaders say they're uncertain if transportation funding will be addressed next year in any meaningful way. "I think the big bear when we go back in will be what to do about Medicaid expansion," said Senate President Pro Tem John Courson. "Until we get Medicaid under control in South Carolina, I don't see us going off on any other spending plan."

Read the report over here.

It's worth noting that previous attempts to raise the gas tax have failed.

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