Summer school might disappear in Charleston County

Image by flickr user ShaylorImage by 20080706classroom.jpg Elementary and middle school classrooms may go empty next summer if schools can't find more money.

Charleston County elementary and middle schools might stop offering summer classes after this year. Also, changes might be made to high schools' summer classes.

The elementary and middle school programs cost the cash-strapped Charleston County School District some $100,000 a year, and the district's been losing money on the high school program, too. To save money, remedial classes for elementary and middle schools would be offered during the normal school year, and summertime online learning would be subbed for classroom instruction in high schools.

Tuition paid by students is supposed to pay for the high school programs, but too few children have been enrolling.

Though the proposed changes would need Superintendent Nancy McGinley's signature, there appears to be some momentum for the changes.

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