Tensions grow between mayor and City Council

The Post and Courier is reporting that many on Charleston's City Council feel that they've only had spectator's spots in the ongoing investigation into the Sofa Super Store fire.

The fight has been intensified after a panel of experts released a report on the fire on Thursday. Some council members were upset that, during a meeting between council members and the report writers, the mayor repeatedly interjected.

The Post and Courier writes:
"I thought we were going to be able to talk to them without you here," said [Councilman Tim] Mallard, who asked the mayor to leave.
When Riley declined, Mallard left.

The mayor says he's meant no harm and has tried his best to make the right decisions, adding that some council members don't have e-mail or fax capabilities, which makes it difficult to keep them updated.

Other council members still take issue. They point out that the mayor learned the city's fire chief was announcing his resignation Tuesday afternoon, but Riley did not tell council members until after he told the public on Wednesday.

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