This Week around Walkers Woods

"This Week around Walkers Woods" is a weekly community column written for the neighborhood of Walkers Woods, but pertains to the entire Carolina Forest Community.

Hello, neighbors.  I want to start out with heart-felt congratulations and best wishes to two very good friends, Walkers Woods residents Honorio Velazquez & Maria Martinez, who got married on Saturday.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend because I spent the day with my boys at the youth center, but Monica and Benjamin were there, and said the ceremony was just beautiful.  Honorio and Maria are two of the nicest people we have ever met, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

I called Waccamaw Management last Friday, July 15, to inquire about the status of the seat I vacated on the Walkers Woods POA board of directors in May.  Our property manager, Lucy Parker, told me that the board appointed homeowner Bill Goetz to fill the seat on June 14, and she requested that I include that information in this column.

Shout out to Paster Ben Zahn and the staff at Amazing Grace Lutheran Church in The Forest.  My son Benjamin, along with 50 or so other children, had a great time at Vacation Bible School last week.  The theme was “Space Station Salvation”, and the kids had fun and made new friends while blasting off into the galaxy to see the wonders of God’s Creation.  Volunteers at the week-long event included Walkers Woods resident Betty Schlegel.

The Carolina Forest Civic Association’s newest committee, Families in the Forest, is co-chaired by Walkers Woods resident Colleen Mills.  Their next meeting is 6pm Tuesday, July 26, in the upstairs meeting room at Kroger.  Anyone who would like to be involved in this important committee is welcome to attend. 

Families in the Forest will have an emphasis on encouraging children to play an active role in their community.  Plans include tree planting at the future library and recreation center, participation in the Friends of the Library group, Keep Horry County Beautiful, and mentoring at the schools.  The committee will also be very involved with planning the Carolina Forest Fair, which the Civic Association is sponsoring next year.

The second annual Chronicle Challenge is Saturday, August 6, at River Oaks Golf Plantation.  Registration is at 7am with a shotgun start at 8am.  An awards ceremony will take place at 2pm.  There will be tons of prizes to raffle off, goodie bags, 50/50 drawings, free food & drinks, and much more.  Come out and enjoy a great day of golfing, food and fun to benefit the Carolina Forest Civic Association.

Horry County’s drought status was upgraded last week from moderate to severe, and higher than average temperatures are causing air conditioners to run practically non-stop.  To avoid going into a state of shock when you open your next electric bill, here are some tips I found to help keep your home cool. 

Keep your blinds closed and curtains drawn during the day.  Cook with the microwave oven rather than the stove and range top.  Do laundry at night, when it’s cooler.  Skip the dry cycle on the dishwasher.  Keep your thermostat set at 78 degrees, and set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise. 

The folks at Waccamaw Bowling Lanes asked me to spread the word that they need your help to STRIKE OUT AUTISM.  The Autism Advocate Foundation is holding a “Bowling For Autism” tournament fundraiser this Saturday, July 23, from noon to 3pm.  Call Waccamaw Bowling Lanes at 236-1020 for more information.

Log on to frequently for POA information.  If you are on Facebook, check out the Walkers Woods at Carolina Forest page to connect with your neighbors.  And if you have any items you would like me to include in this column, please send them to me at  Stay cool, and I’ll see you at the pool.  Have a great week.

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