York County Lets High School Students Drop Courses to Cut Costs

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What some would agree to be yet another step in the wrong direction, York County approves high school seniors to drop two elective courses in order to help the county's financial budget. 

Putting the need of government ahead of education seems to be standard policy for the State of South Carolina. But how does the state and Horry County stack up in terms of education? 

The American Legislative Exchange Council ranks South Carolina as dead last (51st) in their report card.

South Carolina's grade for its educational policies and performance slipped this year to a C+ (down from B- last year), according to the Quality Counts 2011. 

The Horry County school district's graduation rate dropped from 75 percent in 2009 to 68.6 percent in 2010. (The state graduation rate was 73.1 percent.)

It should be noted that South Carolina does hold to higher education standards than other states.

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