Evening vehicle fire closes Highway 31, related to shooting (Update: Details)

Flickr user Jan Kalab

Update December 27, 2011 4:45 p.m.: Horry County police have released more information about the investigation.

According to this WPDE report, the two men that died in the incident were responsible for shooting each other over a card game disagreement. The person that survived was considered a victim will not be charged. WPDE has more details here. The Sun News also updated their report. That's here.

We don't report too many crime stories but this one seemed relevant as it caused the closure of Highway 31 last night. 

First Report: All lanes of Highway 31 near International Drive were closed last night for about an hour as Horry County police and fire departments responded to a vehicle fire. Two of the three vehicle occupants had multiple gunshot wounds and later died. 

WMBF has more information about the fire and lane closures. That's here.  Just 15 minutes prior, a shooting was reported in Little River that appeared to be related to the vehicle fire incident. This morning, Horry County police confirmed the identities of the victims and the relation of the two incidents. The Sun News has details here.