City of Myrtle Beach not interested in smoking ban; NMB close to vote

TheDigitel Myrtle Beach

Ah yes, the ban of smoking in public places debate.

Depending on who you ask, it's either a slippery slope of infringing on civil liberties that will kill small businesses or it's a long overdue ordinance that will please our visitors and help some businesses grow. Myrtle Beach City Council has made it pretty clear that they have no intention of addressing it one way or the other and it will take a state-wide law to get Myrtle Beach smoke free. Steve Porter with the Myrtle Beach Herald talks with city officials about their position. Read more here.

Meanwhile, North Myrtle Beach is moving forward with refining their smoking ordinance. Even the owner of Nicks' Cigar World thinks it sounds reasonable. WPDE has more details in their report here and below.