NMB's new Junior Lifeguards to do beach access clean-up

North Myrtle Beach Lifeguards on Facebook

This Saturday at 8 a.m. North Myrtle Beach's Junior Lifeguards will gather on the beach at 7th Avenue South to undertake a cleanup of some of the City's major beach accesses - Main Street, Sea Mountain Highway, and others.

The City's Junior Lifeguard program was initiated February 14, 2012. The goal is to train young people in all of the skills required to become a certified ocean lifeguard. The hope is that when they become old enough to work paying summer jobs they will want to join the City's ocean lifeguard program as paid employees. This approach promotes local jobs, and it reduces the expense that the City goes to each year to attract and train ocean lifeguards from outside the area.

Although their formal training sessions involve pool and classroom work during the late winter and spring months, the Junior Lifeguards may also choose to participate in ocean lifeguard beach training during the summer season.

For more information on Saturday's event and the Junior Lifeguard program in general, please call PSO Lifeguard Coordinators Monty Reed or Donnie Constransitch at (843) 281-3820 or email them at ddconstransitch@nmb.us

Have a look at some Junior Lifeguard Program photos here.  You can also check out the North Myrtle Beach Lifeguards on Facebook.