Man arrested in North Myrtle Beach for trying to "Break Bad" (Update: Clarifications)


Update November 18, 2011: More details have emerged about this unusual incident.

The man being charged is Robby Lynn Hawkins of Lake City, Tennessee. The female that was with him will not be charged or identitfied because she wasn't inside of the vehicle that contained the items required for "shake and bake meth"– a quick and simple way to make a form of methamphetamine that skirts some laws that revolve around mass quantities of pseudophedrine. The Sun News has much more details here.


First Report: This past Wednesday, November 16th, a North Myrtle Beach couple, apparently watching too much of AMC's Breaking Bad, was busted in a mobile meth lab. 

During a traffic stop near 20th Avenue South in North Myrtle Beach, it was discovered that the vehicle was a rolling methamphetamine lab. The vehicle was stopped due to it's possible involvement in a breaking and entering incident earlier in the day. The duo allegedly kept their chemicals in large Gatorade bottles - something Heisenberg would never allow. City of North Myrtle Beach Public Information Officer Pat Dowling said the chemicals had not been cooked, but shaken. The chemicals were stabilized before being disposed.

This would not make Walter White very happy. Head on over to WMBF for the full story and video. According to CarolinaLive only one person, Robby Hawkins, 31, was arrested.