Coyotes could be to blame for pet disappearances in North Myrtle Beach (Update: Surfside Beach affected also)

photo by flickr user Greg Zenitsky

Update September 26, 2012:  Surfside Beach is also dealing with a coyote issue.

Residents in the area of Fourth and Fifth Avenues South have been sighting what appears to be two adults and two juveniles for up to seven months.  The town is working with a wildlife specialist to capture them, but the options are being exhausted.  You can read more in this Sun News article.

First report November 3, 2011:  A stream of missing pets has North Myrtle Beach residents concerned about a coyote population lurking in their woods.

Residents describe howling and yipping heard from several animals recently.  A representative from SCDNR says it is entirely possible there is a coyote population in the area, mentioning that they are very adaptable. For the full write-up and video story which includes interviews, check out WPDE

You can also visit this SCDNR page for more information about coyotes in our state.