NMB Chamber "Building North Myrtle Beach" plan touts private sector after failed tax hike proposal

Flickr user Scott Fiddelke

The North Myrtle Beach Chamber has raised $1.5 in commitments for their $2.5 million dollar, five-year strategic plan known as "Building North Myrtle Beach."

WPDE reported about the luncheon held this week. Those details are here. Chamber president Marc Jordan emphasized that the $1.5 million committed so far are private funds. A quick look into recent history shows that private sector was not the first choice for the North Myrtle Beach Chamber.

You can read this story on WPDE from nearly a year ago where the same group was pushing for a penny sales tax hike for this plan. The proposal was not passed and reported on this with rolling updates to how the voluntary private fee came to be. That's here. There's still a page on the North Myrtle Beach Chamber website that presents numerous positive points about a sales tax increase.