Another weak Earthquake in Summerville

Image by Flickr user LuvataciousSkull Image by 20090829-end.jpg Sorry, you'll all have to hold your doomsday theories, this one's not the big one.

If you were startled during the wee morning hours on Saturday, it wasn't just your bar tab: There was a honest to goodness earthquake.

The epicenter was in Summerville near the meeting of U.S. 17A and I-26 (see map below), though there's little reason to be concerned as it was just a 3.2 on the Richter scale. It puts the shaking into the category of "often felt, but rarely causes damage."

To put that in perspective: Some 49,000 of those happen worldwide each year.

You can read more about recent local 'quakes on our earthquake topic page.

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