Canadian geese causing quite a stink in Hampton Park

Image by Flickr user pheanix300

Hampton Park has gone to the birds -- and their droppings.

The Post and Courier reports that nearly 30 Canadian geese have taken up residence in the park and their poop and presence is causing quite a stink. Attempts to scared the geese out of the park have failed as the geese quickly learn to adjust to any of the City's scare tactics.

Fake coyotes have been taken out of the park for fear that residents might steal them as Halloween props, but flashing yellow lights in the pond have at least deterred geese from roosting overnight. There are talks of dropping manufactured coyote urine pellets to stink out the pesky birds, but as of now, the geese are ruling the roost.

This isn't the first time Canadian geese have caused a ruckus in the Lowcountry. We've got the story from June of 2009 when a gaggle tried to take over a Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

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