Conway woman keeps it real, stabs boyfriend over phone number

J Reuben Long Detention Center

In another example of "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong," Conway woman was charged with stabbing her boyfriend after she found a number for another woman in his phone. 

Kelly Gause allegedly got quite stabby when she found the number of her boyfriend's female aquantaince. Officers arived at the home aroud 4:00 p.m. this past Tuesday, September 6th, and took the woman into custody. The victim was taken to the Conway Medical Center for treatment of the three lacerations on his arm. 

Head on over to WMBF News for the full write-up and check out the video broadcast

What's, "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong"? Click on to Funny of Die and watch a classic Chappelle Show skit to find out -Warning, some NSFW language. Also, inspired by the comments over at WMBF News' Facebok page we offer you a link to a slightly more Safe For Work video from MADTV

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