First Federal Online customers should be cautious of malicious virus

Be wary of checking your bank account for the next few days. I went to check my bank account this morning and received more than my account balance.

My antivirus program alerted me that a malicious website had attempted to infect my computer with the JS/Blacole.A trojan virus. I immediately logged out of my account and ran a virus scan and found that my computer had been infected. I went over to my wifes computer thinking it might be a local infection on my laptop. I received the same virus alert on her computer as well.


I made a phone call to First Federal to confirm my suspicion that the banks website had been infected with a virus. The person on the phone confirmed that they had been receiving calls all morning about the same issue. I provided First Federal with all the information I could about the virus and sent them a screenshot of the virus warning.

After becoming infected with the trojan it attempts to download additional viral exploits that can furthur harm your computer. Luckily, I am a computer technician at T-Rex Computers in Myrtle Beach and I knew what steps to take to resolve the problem. 

T-Rex Computers is offering a 10% discount off of the cost of a cleanup by mentioning the code: FirstFederal when dropping off your computer for service.

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