'Hello? This is the newsroom. Uhhh, no, we don't do the mail.'

Image by Flickr user Furryscaly Image by 20090819-phone.jpg I'm not saying The Post and Courier's staff has done this, I'm just saying there have been more than a few occasions when they've wanted to.

The Post and Courier's Ken Burger has put together a nice little piece that chronicles the odder questions that the newsroom's front desk recieves.

Some of them are quite funny, and some probably go to far poking fun at people who don't know exactly how a newspaper works. We all ask stupid questions at some point or another.

But in the grand scheme of things, it's pretty funny.

Go and take a read.

But as long as we're poking fun at people who make innocent mistakes, scroll down into the comments on this column as the mass hijacks the thread and bashes the "improved" commenting section.

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