It's like The Onion for S.C.:

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If you're tired of all the bad news coming out of South Carolina these days, then give TheDiSCust a go.

It's a parody news site, perhaps best equated to a local version of The Onion -- just don't make that classic mistake of thinking the news is real.

Here's a taste to get you oriented. 

Mark Sanford announces 2012 Presidential bid in Munich beer hall

Munich, Germany – South Carolina governor Mark Sanford stood on a table today in the renowned Bürgerbräukeller to declare his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States. 

“My vision for South Carolina and the nation is one of unfettered freedom and human productivity in an environment that naturally adapts to whatever we can throw at it.” said the governor, “Even I don’t know what that means.  Only we can make it a reality.” 


Hop on over to their front page or keep reading the Sanford story.

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