Know those Las Vegas shots of Prince Harry? A Charleston reggae guy is in them

Image by Via ABC News 4 Brisacher is labeled "Big Hair".

So I'm almost certain you've heard the international to-do over those nude photos of Prince Harry in Las Vegas, but the story just got even more strange.

Charleston reggae Musician Brisacher also wound up hanging out with the prince as he took a liking to the "big hair" of The Dubplates member.

ABC 4 News writes, in part:

And while at a nighttime pool party at the Encore hotel, Brisacher said Prince Harry took a big liking to him because of his big hair.

"He saw me and he was like, 'ah man you have massive hair man,' and big hugs and we immediately hit it off because he's really big into reggae," Brisacher said.

Go read on the whole strangeness over here.

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