March marks new start of recycling in Charleston

Monday, March 4, will be the first day of a new recycling era in the Holy City, as Charleston County Government and the City of Charleston are teaming up in a collective effort to gather more of business' discarded cardboard boxes in the Downtown area. 

Initially, the City of Charleston reached out to Charleston County about the prospect of a supporting the County Council's goal of a 40 percent recycling rate by implementing a new curbside pickup program to collect more scrapped cardboard from Downtown bussinesses. As part of the agreement, Charleston County will provide educational resources, along with recycling and processing services. 

Mayor Joseph Riley was grateful to CCG for helping the city reach its recycling goal.

“This opportunity for our commercial district gives the merchants the ability to recycle their cardboard instead of this resource being destroyed. We appreciate the County’s assistance, and their efforts with this initiative have been a sterling example of collaboration between area government agencies. This program is one more step in keeping Charleston the most livable city in the world while preserving valuable resources.”

Charleston County's Environmental Management Department will be responsible for accumulating the carboard from comercial areas of Downtown. Anna B. Johnson, the committee chair and a council member of the Charleston County Solid Waste Committee, expressed her excitement for the chance to collaborate with the City of Charleston on this eco-friendly endeavour: 

“We are excited about this coordinated effort with the City of Charleston that encourages downtown businesses to be good stewards of the environment. We are glad to offer our collection services for this material that is currently disposed in order to have it turned into other paper products or boxes through recycling,”

Find more information about recycling in Charleston by scrolling down on Charleston County's Environmental Management website

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