Myrtle Beach geek proposes via QR Code (update: international fame, interview)

Update: A website in the U.K. that covers QR Code news interviewed Jerry earlier today. Read it here.

First Report: Jerry Harrison is a geek.

I don't think he'd argue with that. He is co-founder of local Internet development shop called Swoosh (with a comic book theme no less). But I first met him at the Myrtle Beach Geek Out happy hour get togethers. Since then he met a local attorney, Angela Rayl of Owens & Rayl LLC, and fell in love. He was ready to pop the question, but what's a geeky (yet cool) way to do it?

Jerry took Angie on a stroll down the Conway Riverwalk, where they found a QR code Jerry made. When his sweetie scanned it with her smartphone, she saw this video...

To add to that, it immediately spread around on Facebook which is how I found out that Angie said yes. Yeah, pretty geeky. We love it! 


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