Myrtle Beach man arrested prior to personal Four Loko party

Flickr user Mulling it Over

After paying for one can of the questionable malt beverage, Myrtle Beach resident Robert Lee Gore, Jr. allegedly walked out with three cans of the college party beverage du jour.

Four Loko, a malt beverage energy drink combo that was taken off of the market for awhile has returned to store shelves and Gore apparently wanted to really celebrate the drink's return but could allegedly pay for only one. 

Read all about Gore's escape on bicycle from the Myrtle Beach Kangaroo by heading over to WMBF News. And if you are really unfamiliar with Four Loko check out the video (NSFW language) from Epic Meal Time's adventure in cooking with Four Loko. 

[Editors note: The stuff is nasty, do yourself a favor and never try it]

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